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Curry College - SAT Scores, Costs and Admissions Data

Curry College - SAT Scores, Costs and Admissions Data Curry College Admissions Overview: Curry College concedes practically 89% of the individuals who apply, making it available to most of candidates. All things considered, understudies by and large need passing marks and scores to be conceded. To apply, forthcoming understudies must present an application, test scores from the SAT or ACT, a letter of suggestion, a composing test, and secondary school transcripts. Will You Get In? Figure Your Chances of Getting Inâ with this free instrument from Cappex Confirmations Data (2016): Curry College Acceptance Rate: 89%Test Scores 25th/75th PercentileSAT Critical Reading: 420/520SAT Math: 420/520SAT Writing: -  / - What these SAT numbers meanACT Composite: 18/23ACT English: 17â /24ACT Math: 17â /22What these ACT numbers mean Curry College Description: Established in 1879, Curry College is a private aesthetic sciences school situated on a 135-section of land grounds in Milton, Massachusetts. Boston is only seven miles away. Milton itself has around 25,000 occupants, and, with its nearness to Boston, gives understudies a humble community experience, with the reward an enormous city close by. Full-opportunity Curry understudies originate from 31 states and 7 nations, and the school additionally has a sizable number of proceeding with training understudies. Students can look over 20 majors and more than 65 minors and fixations with proficient fields being the most famous. In an organization with Boston University, Curry likewise offers ROTC programs. Scholastics are upheld by a 12 to 1â student/personnel proportion. Curry understudies maintain occupied by exploiting ordinary transports to Boston and taking an interest in excess of 35 understudy clubs and associations. These clubs run from music troupes, to social equity gatherings, t o athletic associations. On the athletic front, the Curry College Colonels contend in the NCAA Division III The Commonwealth Coast Conference (TCCC) for most games. The school fields 7 mens and 7 womens intercollegiate games. Enlistment (2016): All out Enrollment: 2,926â (2,688 undergraduates)Gender Breakdown: 41% Male/59% Female79% Full-time Costs (2016 - 17): Educational cost and Fees: $37,835Books: $1,150â (why so much?)Room and Board: $14,310Other Expenses: $2,000Total Cost: $55,295 Curry College Financial Aid (2015-16): Level of New Students Receiving Aid: 99%Percentage of New Students Receiving Types of AidGrants: 99%Loans: 80%Average Amount of AidGrants: $21,626Loans: $10,325 Scholastic Programs: Most Popular Majors: Business Administration, Communication, Criminal Justice, Nursing, PsychologyWhat major is directly for you? Sign up to take the free My Careers and Majors Quiz at Cappex. Graduation and Retention Rates: First Year Student Retention (full-time understudies): 71%4-Year Graduation Rate: 40%6-Year Graduation Rate: 47% Intercollegiate Athletic Programs: Mens Sports: Football, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Baseball, Lacrosse, Basketball, SoccerWomens Sports: Basketball, Volleyball, Track and Field, Cross Country, Softball, Lacrosse, Soccer Information Source: National Center for Educational Statistics On the off chance that You Like Curry College, You May Also Like These Schools: Endicott College: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphSimmons College: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphUniversity of Rhode Island: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphBoston College: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphMerrimack College: Profile Suffolk University: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphUniversity of Massachusetts - Amherst: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT GraphRegis College: Profile Framingham State University: Profile Boston University: Profile | GPA-SAT-ACT Graph Curry and the Common Application Curry College utilizes the Common Application. These articles can help manage you: Basic Application article tips and samplesShort answer tips and samplesSupplemental exposition tips and tests

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Concepts in solution focused brief therapy

Ideas in arrangement centered brief treatment SFBT, accept that arrangements result when there is an adjustment in negative intelligent examples and conduct and all things considered, shining a different light on customers issues and devices important to understand their them (Stalker et al., 1999). SFBT doesn't pathologize yet rather centers around customers qualities (Gehart and Tuttle, 2003). It arranges customers to an answer talk instead of issue talk. The SF, advisor accordingly works with the customers to discover arrangements as they happen. This down to business way to deal with treatment uses ideas that empowered customers to discover arrangements (Cunanan, McCollum, 2006). This methodology emphatically bolsters the view that there are answers for pretty much every issue and that everybody has the capacity to take care of their own issues. The SF, specialist accepts that individuals are dynamic and not static and that change is continually happening. The SF, specialist investigates with the customers issue zones that they need to change in their lives while empowering the duration of regions that are at present working for them. The specialists and customers then co-develop solid objectives of a favored future and thusly make a change inside themselves (Lewis and Osborn, 2004). There are numerous ideas which assume an essential job in this methodology, these include: re-meeting change (Lawson, 1994; Lethem 2006, 2002), moving from an issue immersed converse with arrangement centered talk (Langdridge, 2006; Lethem 2002; Talyor, 2005), taking a gander at the special case to the issue (Ruddick, 2008), seeing change as a consistent, perceiving that language has meaning and encountering trust (Gehart and Tuttle, 2003). Pre-meeting change The pre-meeting change is the idea that surveys to check whether there have been any progressions for the customer before starting their underlying meeting (Weiner-Davis, 1987 as refered to in Lawson, 1994). This pre-meeting change is an essential piece of treatment as it causes the specialist to start an exchange in concentrating on the arrangement and encourages the customer to see the chance of progress (Lethem, 2002). Issue soaked converse with arrangement talk As indicated by Taylor (2005), moving from the issue soaked story to an answer talk is one of the primary objectives of treatment. The issue soaked story generally happens during the underlying phase of treatment. The specialist will take a non-critical position to the customer story while defining the issue that the customer is sharing, while tenderly helping the customer to move center and investigate potential arrangements. The specialist likewise helps in guiding the customers to make objectives that they might want to achieve during and after the course of treatment (Jordan, Quinn, 1994). During this procedure the specialist takes an inquisitive/unbiased position in understanding the customer and their introducing issue. While the advisor centers around the present time and place of the issue and how its right now influencing the customer, they help to re-center the customer toward the path towards the future (Adam et.al., 1991 as refered to in Jordan Quinn, 1994). The SFBT advisor re-coordinates customers from an issue immersed story to a condition of arrangement situated story. This move permits the specialist to start the way toward expanding upon the customers quality so as to assist them with identifying answers for their concern (OHanlon and Wiener-Davis, 1989 as refered to in Reiter, 2007). Taking a gander at the special cases to the issues Inspiring criticism from the customer about the distinctions when the issue didn't happen, or happened with less seriousness, enables the advisor to distinguish qualities, implanted in special cases that the customer can use later on, (De Jong Berg, 2002). The utilization of anticipation, got from crafted by Milton Erickson, was used by de Shazer used to assist customers with exploiting the asset they have inside themselves to take care of their concern. The craft of arrangement centered treatment includes not just carrying attention to the special cases of issues yet rather the arrangements that lies in their repertories. As indicated by O Hanlon, (1999) there should be certain anticipation talk. Change is continually occurring and trust This treatment accept that nothing is consistently the equivalent, the conviction change is happening constantly and little change is generative, as one little changes prompts bigger changes. Furthermore, this presumption additionally implies that issues are just as large as ones definition to them. Our definition characterizes both the experience and size of the issue. Change happens when customers can take a gander at the special cases to their issues and make that move from the issue soaked story to arrangement centered talk (Simon, Joel K. Nelson, Thorana S. 2007). Change can be estimated with scaling questions, in order to get an outline of where the customer is at and if any little changes have happened (B.OConnell, 1998). As indicated by Miller, Duncan and Hubble (1996, p 218), trust is the practicing of ones conviction that something positive will occur in every meeting. This adopts a group strategy, both specialist and customer cooperate effectively to get a result which discovers answers for the customers issue. Suspicions of Solution Focused Brief Therapy This hypothesis uses 12 suspicions, John Walter Jane Peller (1992) from their content Becoming Solution-Focused to sum things up Therapy (pp 10-34) depicted the accompanying presumptions: 1. Concentrating on the positive: 2. Having customers distinguish the special cases to the issue. 3. Change is happening constantly. 4. Little change generative, little changing prompts bigger evolving. 5. Customers are continually participating. 6. Individuals include the normal asset inside themselves to tackle their issues. 7. Which means and experience are interactionally developed 8. Activities and depictions are roundabout. 9. The reaction you got is the importance of the message. 10. The customer is the master 11. Change is continually happening. 12. A treatment bunch involves individuals who offer expressed objectives and want to achieve these objectives. Nature of Reality in Solution Focused Brief Therapy The truth is the development of ones language and accordingly, issues are kept up when ones development dismiss their regular capacity and assets. Steve de Shazer, 1991 expressed that customers and their conviction framework builds reality; the truth is in this way developed instead of built. If the truth that the customer is living in at present isn't working for them, at that point the advisor can delicately welcome the customer to go into a flashing theoretical. This permits the customer to go into a reality where anything is for all intents and purposes conceivable. This offers the customer the chance to dream with respect to what they would do if this supernatural occurrence was to happen. Mill operator, (1996) expressed that specialists can utilize the mediation of the wonder question to go into this reality. The utilization of the marvel question permits the advisor not exclusively to get together with the customer yet to likewise enter the universe of the customer. This mediation takes into consideration the customer to envision a superior future reality wherein they need to make the future (De Shazer, 1991). As indicated by Nelson and Thomas (2007), the truth depends on how the customer decides to carry on with their life and their view of what life is about. Every individual claims the engineering of their existence, and they pick how to shape their reality. A specialist can anyway relate to the truth of their customers using language. As indicated by Harland as refered to in de Shazer (1991), language comprises the human world and the human world establishes the entire world. So as to comprehend the customers language, the specialist needs to go into the universe of the customer and comprehend what's going on for the customer at that point. This permits the advisor to get a more clear comprehension of the customers perspective and what propels them to think as they do (Odell, Butler and Dielma, 2005). In SFBT, advisors regard the customers for what their identity is and the truth where they live. The advisor takes a non-critical position and doesnt make correlation with the customers past issues, but instead centers around the present time and place present of the customer. Mill operator sets that specialists regard their customers perspective by understanding the language where they talk. Language is the customers musings that help to shape and express what their identity is. The specialist and the customer go into a helpful relationship through the customer language as the primary vehicle to their impression of the real world. Understanding the customers the truth is a procedure. At first, the advisor can't be a piece of the customers reality since they are outwardly; in any case, as the meetings progress, the specialist turns out to be progressively recognizable and better ready to fathom the customers language, and consequently turns into a piece of the customers reality (Mill er, (1997b) De Shazer et al., contends that individuals use language to shape their world and to help with setting up the significance of circumstances, connections, others and self. They further note that the implications individuals appoint to a circumstance may constrain the scope of answers for an issue, which is quite compelling to arrangement centered treatment. They clarified that each individual builds their significance dependent on past encounters, convictions, group of root or cultural view (De Shazer et al. 1988). Besides, they set that customers stories are normally more issue immersed than objective arranged. Henceforth, it is simpler for customers to concentrate on their issues than the arrangement. All things considered, when the advisor and customer interface, there is a 'co-production of realties; subsequently, contrasts in points of view and implications ought to be characterized Bobele et.al, states aptitude lies in the way in which the discussion is directed, not in the capacity to pass on a loved assemblage of data (Bobele, Gardner, Biever, 1995, p. 16). Theory recommends that reality exist unbiasedly on the planet independent of ones subjectivity, language or musings. I

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Fitting in at MIT as a Latino

Fitting in at MIT as a Latino I wont keep you in suspense, I feel like I fit in pretty well at MIT as a Latino. And a huge part of it is thanks to the ardent strides the MIT community takes to make everyone feel welcomed. There are plenty of Latino-centric organizations and clubs at MIT, with the  Latino Cultural Center acting as the central hub for Latino students and student organizations like: LUChA  (La Unión Chicana por Aztlán) MAES  (Latinos in Science and Engineering) APR (Association of Puerto Rican Students at MIT) SHPE  (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) If thats not enough, theres other, broader organizations like the Office of Minority Education, dedicated to providing professional and academic opportunities and resources to MITs students from minority groups. So its clear that MIT cares and that us MIT students care (most of these organizations are student-run) about making each other feel welcome, but an interesting question came to light at the Latino Cultural Centers annual Cena a la Seis during Family Weekend: do Latino parents feel welcome at MIT? I wont keep you in suspense for that question either, I dont know the answer. I would sure hope so. I know my mom immediately jumped on board with MIT and even became a Parent Connector and volunteering in campus events as well as helping to welcome incoming parents. She even made a MIT Familia Facebook group to answer questions Latino MIT parents may have. The guest speaker for the 2014 Cena a las Seis was MIT Professor Junot  Díaz. He spoke about his Dominican heritage and his experiences growing up and working through college. He mentioned that one of his biggest regrets was that during his Rutgers graduation, his mother came to see him but then left right afterwards. This was the first and only time she had gone to Rutgers campus to see him. She just didnt feel welcome as part of that community. And Junot Díaz stressed the importance of making ones family also feel welcome to their childs college community. He then praised MIT for doing just that: making MIT a place welcoming to both students and parents. The Cena a Las Seis is just another example of an event for both parents and students to have fun at. And it gets bigger and better with each year. 2013 Cena a Las Seis (photo from last years post, This Isnt Goodbye) 2014 Cena a Las Seis My mom with other Latina parents and Parent Connectors All in all, Cena a Las Seis and the rest of Family Weekend was a lot of fun. I cant wait for the next one. Left side: me and my family. Right side: my friend Will 17 and his family.

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Terrorism A Common Definition Of Terrorism - 972 Words

Most of the countries around the world call the terrorism a common enemy, but there is not a common definition of terrorism. There is not any significant unified goal and objective among the states against them, but they have their collective and shared goals. They are against the peace, stability, and development and they want to kill, destroy and spread fear. They misuse and misinterprets any faith in their favor and they try to mix terrorism with the religious ideology. And they support each other globally for these shared goals, but we should ask ourselves, what do we do to defend ourselves and defeat terrorism? Climate change, the proliferation of weapon of mass destruction (WMD) and terrorism is widely debated as a threat around the world. These three issues might be the top three issues in front of us in the 21st century. However, the WMD proliferation and climate change are considered as major issues since the 20th century, but still there are some states, who want to produce nuclear weapons and pollute the environment and they struggle globally to justify their interest against the interest of the world community and humanity. There is no doubt that some states sponsor terrorists, but I have not heard of any government, who publicly backs or defend terrorists. While every state agrees on the threat of global terrorism, yet we do not have a common definition for them, which should be widely accepted or adopted by every country in the world. The geographicalShow MoreRelatedState Sponsored Terrorism Is Not Conducted By Democratic Regimes900 Words   |  4 Pages There are generally four repeating common themes used to define terrorism: (1) the use or threat to use violence; (2) a political objective; (3) with intent to spread fear through a public act; (4) with the intent to commit violence against civilians (Various, n.d.). Additionally, these themes are promoted mostly by non-democratic societies or dictatorships that advance their goals through state sponsored terrorism. State sponsored terrorism is not conducted by democratic regimes for if theyRead MoreThe Difference between Terrorism and Domestic Terrorism Essay1104 Words   |  5 PagesThe terms terrorism and domestic terrorism are very similar concepts. There are, however, slight differences in each. Entities that are apart of the Government have slightly different ways of explaining what they believe to be the correct definition of terrorism and domestic terrorism. In this paper the author will offer definitions of the two terms and state which one they agree with the most. The author will also state how the two terms are best differentiated. The Federal Bureau of InvestigationRead MoreInternational Terrorism - the Worlds Greatest Challenge Today?680 Words   |  3 PagesInternational Terrorism – The World’s Greatest Challenge Today Today the threat of terrorism is becoming more and more serious. Terrorism is considered the greatest threat against the safety of the world, and especially the USA, today. The extent of the terrorism has increased significantly over the last couple of years, since the terrorist attacks against the US on the 11th of September 2001. After these attacks former president of the US, George Bush declared a war against terrorism. There areRead MoreTerrorism The word terrorism seems to be easy to define. It is a word that everyone is1100 Words   |  5 PagesTerrorism The word terrorism seems to be easy to define. It is a word that everyone is familiar with. Terrorism, as used in todays media which covers a wide range of violent acts. Terrorism is violent acts that are intended to create fear(terror) are perpetrated for a religious ,political or ideological goal and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non civilians or we can say it is the threat of violence or an act of violence . Terrorism is an international problem in todays globalRead MoreTerrorism And Its Effects On Terrorism Essay1442 Words   |  6 PagesTerrorism iscertainly not innovative and despite the fact it has been documented throughout history, it is moderately difficult to define what terrorism is. When discussing terrorism, it is publicly implied as either utilizing or threatingthe brutality in order to supplement a political cause, which can be confusing as there isn’t a universally approved definition towards terrorism. For instance, the Global Terror ism Index hasanalysed that 64,000 people were killed by specific enactments of terrorismRead MoreRadicalisation And Radicalization Of Terrorism1513 Words   |  7 Pages there has be in increase in international and domestic terrorism in the world. Due to major attacks such as the Oklahoma bombing and 9/11 has been the cause of this increase. Many other attacks had raised concerns of the use of modern technologies and the reality of radicalization of terrorism. Terrorism is one of the oldest tactics in history and yet one of the hardest to define. In a number of literature, it points out that terrorism is constantly evolving and it has been passed through differentRead More The Terrorist’s Extradition Loophole Essay1064 Words   |  5 Pagesaffect civilians. They also do not contain acts that would normally be considered a common crime. This can include efforts to overthrow the government, treason, and espionage. These types of crimes should be protected by a political offense exemption. A problem with the extradition exemption comes up with the â€Å"relative† political offenses. These offenses are not entirely political in nature. These crimes tend to be common crimes that are committed for a political purpose. The reason behind the crime isRead MoreTerrorism Has Been Used For Centuries As A Weapon Of Change1074 Words   |  5 PagesTerrorism has been used for centuries as a weapon of change. Terrorism used to force change even altered the English language, the creation of the word assassin because of the Hashhashin’s in the 11th century and the Roman’s use of decimation changing the meaning from killing one in ten to massacring all involved. Much of early terrorism was based on nationalist or ethnic groups, which had exhausted all other options while reaching for political freedom and therefore resorted to violence. The mostRead MoreThe Psychological Profile Of A Terrorist1199 Words   |  5 Pagesfound that in my researc h there were many different definitions of terrorism giving it different personalities to conduct these practices. Another conclusion that is drawn is the fact that terrorist cant be studied up close and asks questions up front in fear of the researchers’ lives. I also found a few common reasons why they have gone to terrorism and how it can affect the type of terror they produce among people. The most common thought of terrorism is blowing up yourself and others with you thisRead MoreEssay about What is Terrorism, Who Conducts it, and The Intended Target1590 Words   |  7 PagesIn today’s world, terrorism is not an un-known word; terrorism can be tracked back to early recorded history. Nevertheless terrorism definition is universally hard to define (Brown, 2008). Every individual’s definition of terrorism is different some describe it as a strategy and tactic. Another will describe it as sacred obligation, some will say it’s a justified stand against domination. Obviously, it depends on whose point of view is being represented (Brown, 2008). However, Australian

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Drug Usage And Its Effects On America - 1326 Words

Drug usage has a major impact on America. If drugs were to be legalized, drugs would change the way we live in America. Drugs have been a problem to America’s society and the environment only because people use them for unhealthy reasons. Doing so can cause lung cancer, hair loss, rotten teeth and many more side effects. But if people start using drugs for the better of self and their environment, drugs can be used as medicine, to lower crime rates, and to stop the drug black market. As drugs have its disadvantages they would have a more beneficial leeway on us the people if used for more healthy and environmental reasons. Legalization of drugs can be used in medicine. The party drug â€Å"Magic Mushrooms† produce hallucinations, even when†¦show more content†¦As this paragraph shows how legalizing drugs can be used as medicine, drug legalization can also kill the drug black market. Drug legalization would lead to a major decrease in crime rates because it would be the end of the drug black market. The drug black market is led by demand and millions of people are willing to get their hands on illegal drugs no matter the cost. Making the production, supply and use of some drugs that are illegal creates a leeway for crime to slowly increase in the black market. The profits are worth billions of pounds. Legalization forces organized crime from the drugs trade, starves them of income and enables us to regulate and control the market. Legalization would enable us to regulate the market, determine a much lower price and remove users need to raise funds through crime. Our legal system would be freed up and our prison population dramatically reduced, saving billions. â€Å"†¦Because of the low price, cigarette smokers do not have to steal to support their habits† (Dr. Cox). There is also no violence associated with the legal tobacco market. Legalizing drugs would be killing the ability of drug cartels to bribe officials, violate human rights, and cripple the rule of law would be undermined if they suddenly lost their ability to profitShow MoreRelatedShould Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay1515 Words   |  7 Pagesacademic career have either experienced or been exposed to some type of illicit drug. One of the most commonly found illicit drugs found on college campuses have been marijuana. Marijuana is used to amplify perception, affect the frame of mind, and relax. Signs of marijuana use includes red eyes, sluggishness, and awkward body movement. With the usage of marijuana in earlier years being illegal in all states in America, the last couple of years have made a few changes when it comes to marijuana andRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1615 Words   |  7 PagesGrowing up, everyone has been taught that Drugs are bad. As kids, we nodded and promised not to be influenced by drugs; however, many people in society today are drug us ers or addicts. If legalized, marijuana would benefit the United States in terms of health, economy, and social reparations. Marijuana restriction laws may have a huge effect on underage usage. There has been similar evidence from the regulation of tobacco and alcohol. The correlation of smoking and drinking limits with the loweredRead MoreCocaine : A Dangerous Drug1381 Words   |  6 PagesCocaine is a very dangerous drug that can ruin many lives. Knowing the facts about cocaine and what the effects of this drug are is very important as it may save a life, not just the individual using the drug but also the friends and family around that individual. These facts may include the history of cocaine, the usage of cocaine, Diagnosis of addiction, effects of cocaine, how to deter the use of cocaine and the treatment after addiction. The first few things to know about cocaine is what isRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1715 Words   |  7 Pagesformally known as marijuana is a drug obtained from the tops, stems and leaves of the hemp plant cannabis. The drug is one of the most commonly used drugs in the world. Only substances like caffeine, nicotine and alcohol are used more (â€Å"Marijuana† 1). In the U. S. where some use it to feel â€Å"high† or get an escape from reality. The drug is referred to in many ways; weed, grass, pot, and or reefer are some common names used to describe the drug (â€Å"Marijuana† 1). Like most drugs, marijuana has a very longRead MoreAmericas War On Drugs1528 Words   |  7 PagesAmerica’s war on drugs has failed. After millions of dollars and untold man hours spent enforcing the prohibition of illegal drugs, there is little, if any, success to show for it. Illicit drugs are still available on most American street corners, drug usage rates have n ot decreased, and the scourge of drug related violence continues to spread like wildfire. Sadly, the war on drugs has also resulted in the incarceration of millions of Americans for petty possession offenses and has created a blackRead MoreChemistry : Blood Concentrations Found At Controlled Clinical Studies, Non Fatal, And Fatal Intoxications1600 Words   |  7 Pagesthe euphoric feeling effect usually associated with MDMA is due in part to dopamine receptor stimulation. (Liechti M. et al., 2001) Figure 5: Photo depicting the vesticle merging with the axon terminal and releasing serotonin (red), as well as dopamine(blue) after intake of MDMA. Reuptake transporters move serotonin back into the axon (yellow), and MDMA prevents reuptake (round pink E). Source: Sferios, E. Dance safe: This is Your Brain on Ecstacy: http://www.dancesafe.org/drug-information/ecstasy-slideshow/Read More Medical Marijuana: A not so new form of medical treatment Essay1240 Words   |  5 PagesMarijuana usage for the purpose of medical treatment has been a debated issue in many states and Countries around the world. The United Kingdom and Canada have both adopted laws that are directed at protecting patients and doctors from prosecution due to possession and usage of marijuana for medical purposes. Australia has passed laws, but has not put them into effect, and the United States has not made any allowances, leaving marijuana in the same category with other illegal drugs and allowing forRead MorePED i n Sports Essay1644 Words   |  7 Pages PED in Sports Performance enhancing drugs have been a longstanding problem in sports. It not only deteriorates the honesty of the game, but also can have broader social affects that one may not even realize. The use of performance enhancing drugs is especially apparent in Major League Baseball. This problem can be traced back to the 1980’s when baseball was facing one of its first â€Å"dark periods†. During the 1980’s Major League Baseball was experiencing a home run drought. Home run totals wereRead MoreMarijuana Should Be Legal Debate Over The United States1071 Words   |  5 PagesMarijuana has been a tremendous on-going legal debate over the last few centuries in America. In the last few decades marijuana use in America has been on the rise, especially among young adults. Marijuana comes from the hemp plant known as Cannabis Sativa. In 2727 B.C, the Chinese were the first to document the use of marijuana for medicine. Chinese would use the seeds of the hemp plant for fo od (Borges, 2014, Ch. 15). Marijuana has been known for a lot more than just getting high though. In theRead MoreRyan Stone . Mrs. Aikey . English 11 Honors, 6Th Hour.1566 Words   |  7 Pages The War on Drugs The War on Drugs had hopes of ending drug possession and usage in the 1971 when president Nixon signed the Drug Prevention and Control Act. Through the years, many people have criticized the war for its failures, and others have commended it for its success. Some people want harsher penalties for drug usage and possession, while others want all drugs to become legal. Although the War on Drugs seems to be a solution to a hot button issue, it has many negative effects, including its

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Enterprise 2.0 Do Companies Need It to Survive Free Essays

Minor Web 2. 0/3. 0 Knowledge Sharing Essay 2: Enterprise 2. We will write a custom essay sample on Enterprise 2.0: Do Companies Need It to Survive? or any similar topic only for you Order Now 0. Do companies need it to survive? Z22-D Project Management Business English Smilena Spasova Lecturer: M. Adams 09-03-2012 Surviving as a company, no matter being small, middle-sized or large, in today’s unstable economy beset by a severe recession, instability and uncertainty resembles fighting for your life in a battle field. Only those who are more prepared, move faster and more efficient and have strategic advantage over their enemies are the ones who get to keep their lives. Enterprise 2. is what is needed for companies to gain and master those skills. It helps them structure and preserve corporate knowledge, cut costs, increase efficiency, enlarge employees and customers’ satisfaction and tap into new sources of innovation and expertise. Combined together, therefore the benefits of using Enterprise 2. 0 are exactly what companies need not only to survive, but also to have a lasting advantage over their competitors. Enterprise 2. 0 is a term that was first define d by Andrew McAfee 1 in 2006 as a description of how companies use the existing Web 2. technologies within their internal and external set of techniques to conduct their business. In other words, it is a combination between the integration of Web 2. 0 tools and architecture within enterprises’ structures and processes with a careful consideration of the human element – the culture. Examples for such tools are Blogs, Wikis, Intranet, Discussion Boards, Social Media Platforms, RSS feeds and many more which main goal is to provide users with open space for communication, collaboration, asset sharing, personalization and aggregation. One of the main advantages that Enterprise 2. gives to companies is in relation to Knowledge Management. In 1991 Ikujiro Nonaka 2 said: â€Å"In an economy where the only certainty is uncertainty, the only sure source of lasting competitive advantage is knowledge. †Companies acknowledge that statement today better than they have ever do ne before. Unfortunately in a lot of cases efforts, money and resources are wasted in the wrong direction when enterprises try to find the right way to capture, leverage and store collective knowledge. One of the reasons for that is that they don’t use the proper tools to achieve that goal. Enterprise 2. 0 however proposes the solution. For example, by simply incorporating Wikis into the company’s daily workflow, all of a sudden employees will have the chance to take part in building a collective memory by expressing and contributing with their tacit knowledge. The difference compared to the â€Å"old-school† Knowledge Management techniques is that by using the new Enterprise 2. 0’s way knowledge can be stored, edited and corrected but it can’t be lost because it has already been made explicit by sharing on the Wiki. So, even if an employee retires or decides to quit the company, information doesn’t go with him by having existed only in his head. Another benefit of using Enterprise 2. 0 is that it cuts costs drastically. Whereas In the era of Web 1. 0 Marketing efforts required an enormous amount of money, today most of the Web 2. 0 applications are free and reside in the cloud. Consequently, all the resources should be spent in time and effort to invent the right strategy, rather than to negotiate prices with traditional media representatives. What is more, the emerge of Social Media and platforms like Get Satisfaction3 gives a totally new perspective on the Customer Service practices within companies and the included expenses. Due to Enterprise 2. 0 employees can now have a live chat with customers rather than using the â€Å"old† methods like traditional telephone or e-mail. Bringing faster solution and demonstrating personal attitude and attention is therefore increasing consumer satisfaction and this way contributing to the company’s positive image. Enterprise 2. also helps companies work more efficient. If for example, employees are enabled to use the RSS feeds feature they need to spend only 10 minutes per day for staying up-to-date with all the new and relative topics, instead of receiving 100 distracting emails or having to browse randomly through the intranet â€Å"News† section which demands way too much time. The RSS feeds also enable structured and relevant information which can be customiz ed and corrected on a daily basis. What is more, increased 1 2 3 http://nonwork. andrewmcafee. rg/ http://www. economist. com/node/13517582 http://getsatisfaction. com/explore/customer-support efficiency can be observed when due to easy collaboration, sharing and data transferring by means of a Web 2. 0 platform employees tend to deliver their projects faster. As a result, because of the psychological aspect of Enterprise 2. 0, a. k. a the human element, employees’ satisfaction level can significantly increase. Working more efficiently makes people feel that they are contributing to the company in a positive way. Taking part in a platform where employees can add, edit and discuss content will make them feel significant and belonging to a community that shares a common goal. A virtual reality where it doesn’t matter what position within the company the user possesses in order to express an opinion or share an idea, can lead to lower Power Distance Authority4. Small steps incorporated via Enterprise 2. 0 strategy can lead to great transformations in employees’ attitude towards their employers. And a company with a high dissatisfaction level of its staff can never survive in the course of time. Last but not least Enterprise 2. 0 is the best solution for discovering and implementing new ways of innovation and expertise. â€Å"A difficult economic environment argues for the need to innovate more, not to pull back. † – says Ken Chenault, CEO of American Express. Having carefully chosen combination of all the right Web 2. 0 tools to suit the company’s needs is however an innovation itself. Enterprise 2. is a way to transform closed, authority driven working atmospheres into a collaborative environment driven by employees’ intrinsic motivation, needs for belonging and self-actualization. A company that can be characterized by those terms therefore has already established the basic platform for open innovation. For example, a simple, random and not so clear idea shared by an employee on the Internal Social Media platform, can very quickly, easily and n aturally transform into a feasible and actually very smart and realistic one. This idea though wouldn’t have come to live if the person didn’t have the motivation or the possibility to share it. That is why companies need to consider Enterprise 2. 0 in their workflows – enabling space for new topics, discussion and collaboration to emerge. Without innovating both internally and externally and upgrading expertise in such a transitional and constantly developing environment, businesses are just doomed to go down. In conclusion, Enterprise 2. 0 is no longer just an advantage for companies who implement it into their activities, on the contrary – it’s a necessity for survival. Only the businesses who know how to correctly manage their collective knowledge and preserve it, conduct their processes with greatest efficiency and lowest cost possible, keep their employees satisfied and spend their resources for constant development in their daily workflow as well as products will keep on existing. And in order to achieve those results and therefore survive, companies need to integrate Enterprise 2. 0 into their management and communication techniques both internally – with their employees – and externally – with their customers and business partners. 4 ttp://www. investopedia. com/terms/p/power-distance-index-pdi. asp#axzz1oXVBCP5S Number of words: 1156 References Wiki Service (Spring 2006). Enterprise 2. 0: The Dawn of Emergent Collaboration. Referenced on 8 March 2012, at: http://www. wikiservice. at/upload/ChristopheDucamp/McAfeeEntrepriseDeux. pdf Slide Share (12 March 2010). Enterprise 2. 0: Knowledge Management – People at the C enter. Referenced on 8 March 2012, at: http://www. slideshare. net/TSystemsMMS/enterprise-20-knowledgemanagement-people-at-the-center Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (13 June 2011). Video – enterprise 2. 0: where does the value lie? Referenced on 8 March 2012, at: http://www. cimaglobal. com/Events-and-cpdcourses/Events/Enterprise-Web-20-event/Videos-1/ Spigit (unknown). Maslow’s Hierarchy of Enterprise 2. 0 ROI. Referenced at 8 March 2012, at: http://www. spigit. com/spigit-blog/maslow%E2%80%99s-hierarchy-of-enterprise-2-0-roi Investopedia (unknown). Power-Distance Index – PDI. Referenced on 8 March 2012, at: http://www. investopedia. com/terms/p/power-distance-index-pdi. asp#axzz1oXVBCP5 How to cite Enterprise 2.0: Do Companies Need It to Survive?, Essay examples

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Markteting Distribution Channel of Ceat Tyres free essay sample

Tyre Production aggregates over 7. 6 million tyres per annum. Ceat produces Tyres for 3 different markets 1. OEM 2. Replacement tyres and 3. Exports. For the purpose of this project we are limiting ourselves to studying the distribution of the â€Å"Replacement tyres† market only. The reason is that tyres are sold to OEM’s follow the B2B sales process hence they do not require an elaborate distribution network. Also tyres that are exported use the distribution network of some other company. Hence the most challenging Sales and Distribution network is developed for the Replacement Market. The analytical Framework detailing how the variables affect Sales and Distribution of tyres has been developed for Truck Tyres. The reason being that, buying behavior is different across the Truck, Bus, Passenger Vehicle, 23 wheeler segments. Also â€Å"Truck tyres† is the largest customer segment for any tyre company accounting for more than 50% of the tyre sales. Clearing and forwarding agents (CFAs) are attached to them. We will write a custom essay sample on Markteting Distribution Channel of Ceat Tyres or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Often the largers regions have 2 or 3 or more CFA’s to cover the region properly. The total number of CFA’s across the country is 112. The basic operating structure of the Ceat Ltd comprises of the following entities: _ Factory _ DDC _ RDC _ CFA _ Dealers CEAT has three level distribution structure. The factory supplies goods to the RDCs (Regional Distribution Centers) and from these RDCs the goods are transferred to CFAs (Carrying and Forwarding Agents) which act as godowns for distribution to the dealers. There is only one DDC (Divisional Distribution Centre) this is at Nashik and is used for Storage and Assembly of tyres, Tubes and Flaps from the Nashik plant. RDCs are the mother godowns for storage of goods. The tyres, tubes and flaps are transported to these from factories. The set is formed at RDCs and strapped. The tube is inflated before transportation to RDCs. The Dispatch challans are issued to the transporters. In some cases, the RDCs are required to supply the goods directly to the dealers and invoice them in the required format. Ceat has recently shifted from the DDC structure wherein it had 7 DDC’s to the RDC structure, however this structure is proving inefficient from the operating cost point of view. The inventory cost has shot up and availability has suffered. The amount of safety stock in the system has also gone up. Hence Ceat is about to shift back to the DDC structure over a one year period. CFAs are the smaller godowns which pull the goods from the RDCs. They transfer the goods to the dealers and an invoice needs to be generated. The CFAs pull the goods from RDCs according to demand. These CFAs then distribute the goods to the dealers. The Dealers are of three types 1. Tyre retailers: These are usually multi-brand tyre dealers. They stock many brands of tyres for a particular segment of customers. These can further be divided into Truck Dealers and Non-Truck dealers. 2. Trader Dealers: These dealers are used typically to ensure upcountry coverage where the company distribution network is absent. These dealers have their shops in upcountry locations or sell to other dealers in upcountry locations and thus enhance the distribution reach of the company. They purchase tyres in bulk and often avail of the Turn over discounts. 3. Ceat Shoppe: Ceat shoppe is a retail outlet where only ceat tyres are sold. This is used mainly for passenger car and 2 wheeler tyre sales. The customers get a range of tyres and advise about selecting the right tyre while purchasing from here. They also get a very good after sales service. The region under each regional office is divided into sales territories that are handled by the territory leaders. The Sales in the region are headed by the Regional Manager. The territory leader caters to all the tyre dealers present in his sales territory. However in the Mumbai Regional Office no territories have been given and TL’s are allowed to go anywhere in Mumbai and develop their dealers. This is so because when the Mumbai RO was formed most of the dealers in the region were loyal to MRF and hence it was important to convert as many as possible. The responsibilities of the RO include: 1. Controlling administration of office. 2. Handling of day to day work like administration, cash, sales/stock operations/M IS legal formalities. 3. Reviews with sales field staff. 4. Review of commercial control. 5. Compiling of data received from the CFA. 6. Maintenance Reconciliation of stocks accounts. . To cover the upcountry sales, apart from the trader dealers, Ceat also has appointed area managers in important upcountry areas. Sales associates work under the area managers and are responsible for all the dealers in a given territory in the upcountry market. However the upcountry market is a challenge as the company does not have a CFA over there and availability is always an issue due to the remoteness of the region. The Territory leaders are given a travel plan which has been decided onsidering the best coverage and lowest cost and journey cycle. Attached below is a sample travel plan: Problems with existing structure: 1. The productivity of sales fleet is the lowest for CEAT ,it is primarily because the territories have been defined in the past which don’t cater to the needs of the present scenario 2. TL’s focus is on major towns and while traveling from one big town to o ther the smaller towns get neglected which affects the sales. 3. As major dealers are in big towns with higher market potential, cost cutting while selling tyres is done. Hence the employee cost/sales is high. In comparison MRF is already the market leader. MRF sets trends in the tyre industry and employees would like to work for MRF just for the brand name that the company has generated over the years in the Tyre industry. Hence the salaries at MRF are comparatively low. Hence the employee cost/sales is low. The selling expenses per unit sales for Ceat are about 0. 085 which is significantly higher than MRF. Even with respect to market spend per unit of sales, Ceat spends more than MRF. 1 This shows that MRF has a better brand pull than Ceat. Lower brand pull of Ceat results in the following: Ceat has to give higher margins to its dealers. Typically MRF gives 1% Turnover discount to the dealers while Ceat gives 2. 5% or more. Lower brand pull also translates into higher selling expenses for Ceat. The amount of BTL advertising required for Ceat is significantly higher. Also the number of promotions, demonstrations and service camps that Ceat has to conduct is significantly higher. MRF being an established brand has developed excellent relations with its dealers and customers over the years and hence does not require spending the same amount as Ceat.